This year’s theme is “One-of-a-Kind”. What unique qualities do you bring to the industry, your clients, and your city? What makes you stand out among your peers and your competition?

All agency nominees must follow these guidelines to be considered.

  1. Entries must be focused on the theme and be able to describe what the agency has done in the past 12 months that applies to this theme.
  2. Entries can be in any medium for their presentation, such as a video, a power point presentation or a motivational speech.
  3. There is a 5 minute time limit for each presentation.
  4. Handouts are allowed, but only during the 5 minute presentation, not before.
  5. Everyone present at the Agency of the Year presentations at the annual conference in October is eligible to vote.
  6. Ballots  will be passed out before the presentation begins and will be collected at the end of the presentations. They will be tabulated by impartial judges, not agency members of APNA.
  7. Attendees should judge each presentation based on content, rather than style; its message, rather than method of presentation.
  8. There is a $500 limit on preparing this presentation. Professional videographers and actors are not necessary and in fact, discouraged.
  9. Previous winners within the past five years may not re-apply (e.g. winners from 2008-2012).
  10. Notify Kathy Dupuy at by October 1, 2013 if you intend to run for 2013’s Agency of the Year. Your entry may not be considered if you apply after that date.