CareMatchPro was designed from the ground up using the latest in technology, usability, and internet- based features to help nanny agencies grow, prosper, and run efficiently.  Most importantly, we have been helped from the beginning by some very fine agencies that gave freely of their time to make this software, the software the industry has been waiting for.  I want to send a special shout out to Westside Nannies, Chicago Nannies and especially Annie’s Nannies for their invaluable input and as well as for beta testing our software.

Let’s see how CMP stacks up against the list of desired features:

Screening and matching  CMP has an extremely powerful and flexible matching capability along with an easy-to-use way of keeping track of which candidates were sent to each job.

Website integration  The software is designed with the approach that it all starts on the agency website so that agencies can recruit jobs and candidates 24/7.

Jobs Keeps track of all jobs and interview history for every client.  Emails and texts can be sent to multiple candidates at one time.  Emails and texts are stored with the job for easy access.  Powerful multi-level calendaring system is standard.

Portals Clients and candidates have their own password protected accounts for easy access 24/7.

Job history and listings Every client and candidate has access to their job orders, placement history and interview history.  Candidates have their own on-call calendar to see their job schedule.

On-call jobs Great attention has been paid to streamlining the on-call placement process so that agencies can find and contact candidates quickly. Emailing and texting multiple candidates, tracking interviews and calendaring are all fast and easy.

On-call matching by availability  The system searches and matches based on an on-call sitters availability, including time, so when they are placed in a job they are taken off the calendar for matching purposes during the times of that job.  Candidates also update their own availability through their online portal.

Hours The system searches and matches based on an on-call sitters availability, so when they are placed in a job they are taken off the calendar for matching purpose during the times of that job.

Candidates & jobs website posting CMP offers great flexibility and  control over what is displayed on your website.  From photo or no photo, to which fields will display on your website, you’re in control.  The information is displayed in an attractive way to make your agency shine!

Search Criteria  We offer over 20 searchable fields on the candidate and client searchs.  You also have the ability to search all the text entry fields by keyword if you’re looking for a particular quality or experience.

Flexibility CMP offers agencies an unlimited number of custom fields that you can add right from your own admin backend

Storage All supporting documents for both clients and candidates are stored with that person for easy access.

Integration  Everything on the agency website is completely integrated with the agency backend.  Quickbooks integration is built in for accounting purposes. Data is exportable in Excel format for easy uploading to Constant Contact and other mailing programs.

Payroll CMP is designed to export accounting functions to QuickBooks.

Email Communication All email that’s generated in CMP is stored with that client/candidate’s record and emails can be easily sent to clients/candidates.

Texting Unlimited texting to candidates from jobs is built in. Multiple candidates can be sent texts at one time. In this version we have outgoing texts only, but two-way texting will be in a near future version.

Intuitive Being intuitive was on the short list of goals at the time the program was designed.  Coming from an internet background we don’t believe in having manuals and having to “figure it out”.  We’re happy to report that all our beta testers have said the program is easy to learn and requires minimal instruction.  You’ll find CMP very attractive and well designed with a sleek, clean interface.

Templates  CMP has built-in email templates so that you can create emails you use often from a template rather than from scratch. Candidate profiles and client profiles are created with a few mouse clicks and will make your agency stand out!

Sales reports Several different types of sales reports are available.  More will be coming as we get feedback from agencies.

Individual user accounts Each agency user has their own account and login.  Agencies can have from 1 to as many logins as needed.

Reporting Several different types of reports are available including reporting for when CPR and background checks are due to be done again.

PC and Mac Compatibility CMP works well on both Macs and PC’s.

Pricing Two versions are available of the program, the “full agency” and “small agency”.  Affordability for new and small agencies was a consideration from the beginning.  CMP is very affordable for established agencies too.

Data ownership CMP’s philosophy from the beginning was that we don’t want “captive customers”, we want partners working together to create  stronger  agencies.  Agency data is your property and you simply request a download and we’ll provide it, at no cost.  In the same spirit we don’t even require a contract.  We want to earn your trust and business every month.

Security Okay, so we’re a little paranoid!  We feel a great sense of responsibility as the guardians of your data.  We have three levels of backup beyond the main storage drive.  The site was designed from the ground up with data security in mind.  We use a special security service that monitors the site moment-by-moment for any suspicious intrusions.  CMP operates from our own secure server from a state-of-the-art web hosting company. We have all the advantages of being in the cloud, 24/7 access, but with the security of knowing just where your data is storage.

Pricing Special introductory pricing is available for a limited time. You’ll find our prices very affordable.

Contact information: Contact Steve Lampert. 818-645-6586;