Thank you to APNA member contributors:
Denise Collins, Jens Hillen, and Kathy Dupuy
Here is what busy, veteran agency owners say they want in an Agency Management Software Program.  Next month we will share what is available  for our industry in regard to Software Packages.
Screening: Powerful database to help with screening and matching candidates to clients.
Web Site Integration: Client or candidate can complete forms 24/7 and forms integrate with the agency’s management system.  The program must be aware that jobs are often over 40 hours and program must be able to compute hourly and overtime rates as well as laws that apply to live-in jobs.
Jobs: Ability to add notes, placement history, send confirmation emails, (simultaneously entered into client and candidate records.) Ability to add emails, texts and add notes from conversations to client or candidate records.
Portals: Clients and candidates should have password protected portals. Applicant portal has enough storage for resume, references, scanned documents, etc.
History: Clients and candidates job orders and work histories are retained and available through their portals.
Listings: Jobs are listed on the agency’s website, and candidates are able to respond 24/7.
On-call (temp) jobs: Adds to the efficiency of placing and managing jobs.
Hours: Manage hours for on-call sitters, alert when sitter is exceeding 40 per week.
Candidates’ Applications: Posted on the agency website and clients are able to access 24/7 (at agency control.)
Search Criteria: Agency can set unlimited fields for search criteria.
Flexibility: Agency able to add fields for specific job types.
Storage: Ability to store contracts and agreements to both client and candidate records.
Integration: With agency website, financial transactions, billing, receipts, integrated with QuickBooks and job listings and marketing integrated with Constant Contact.
Payroll: Long-term, temporary/on-call caregivers’ salary is calculated, history is recorded, and temp payroll is figured on a weekly basis function.
Email Communication: Automatically linked to client/candidate records.
Texting: Able to send unlimited texts from each job listed.
Intuitive: Easy to learn, easy to use, minimal steps.
Distribution Lists
Sales reports
Individual user access and account
Reporting capabilities
Not limited to PC use only.
Pricing: affordable for all agency sizes and budgets.
Agency owns their own data.
Protection: Multiple layers of data protection and security built in.
Cloud: Software that operates in the cloud.