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Free Access to the Agency Advantage Program!

What is Agency Advantage?

Agency Advantage is an online training program for your new hires that outlines all the general rules about being in the nanny business.  It could be called, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Being a Nanny Placement Specialist.”

Agency Advantage is a jumping off point to orient new people to the nanny industry and introduce them to your own agency practices.

Agency Advantage is the only training of its kind.

Agency Advantage is FREE for APNA members

Now you can train every new placement specialist you hire in the rules and best practices of professional nanny agencies. The Agency Advantage Program was created by APNA members to help all nanny agencies raise their standards of practice by providing information on essential business issues. APNA members have access to the program for free, while all others may use the program for a one-time fee of $99.00.

The Agency Advantage Program covers excellent customer service, describes the scope of background checks, outlines legal and tax issues and discusses ethical standards of practice in the nanny industry. Since each agency is unique, the Agency Advantage Program includes an opportunity for owners and supervisors to personalize the training with their own agreements, policies and procedures.

The Agency Advantage Program  takes approximately 45 minutes for a user to complete.  Upon completion, the user takes a short quiz whose results are sent to their designated supervisor for review. The supervisor will also be sent an answer guide. If the user has successfully completed the program and has done well on the quiz, the supervisor notifies Judi Merlin at Then user receives an Agency Advantage Certificate of Participation.

  • One user can go through the program as many times as he/she needs.
  • The program can be used as a tool to screen candidates.
  • The program can be used upon completion of new employee training.


For APNA Members

  1. CLICK HERE to fill out a registration form. You will already have been emailed a secure APNA Agency password in a separate email.
  2. This secure Agency password will bypass PayPal for current APNA members that are registering. Any user from your agency can use the “APNA Agency password” to complete the registration process.
  3. Upon completing registration, the user will be emailed an individual password and link to the Agency Advantage Program.

For Non-APNA Members

If you are not a current APNA member, your agency can purchase the Agency Advantage Program for a one time fee of $99 using the PayPal option on the site:

    1. CLICK HERE to fill out the agency registration. Once you pay the $99, PayPal will email you a transaction code which you will use as your password.
    2. All additional users can complete the registration process entering this same PayPal (your password) transaction code in “PayPal transaction id number” field of the registration page.
If you are a new agency, you will find the Agency Advantage Program very educational.
If you are an established agency and are considering applying for membership to APNA, the Agency Advantage Program is great preparation.
If you are an APNA member, you cannot afford to miss out in this great opportunity to sharpen your agency’s skills.
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