Join Us October 19-22 in San Diego - 2022 APNA Annual Conference
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Join Us October 19-22 in San Diego - 2022 APNA Annual Conference
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Conference 2013

APNA Conference 2013
APNA 20th Anniversary
“20/20 A Clear Vision for the Future”

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APNA Memories Throughout the Years

In Sunny Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica@ the Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica,
530 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
Room Rate: $189/Night

Dynamic Sessions/Speakers

Communication Strategies:
How to Create an Instant Connection, Establish Credibility, and Build Loyalty Within Minutes

Alexa Fisher: an actress and public speaking + communication genius!
Alexa Fisher: an actress and public speaking + communication genius!

Does the thought of talking to an angry client make you turn green? What about a public speaking opportunity at your local mom’s club? We all know that communication is important. What you may not know is that when presented with a potential client, you have just minutes – sometimes even seconds – before they decide whether or not to trust you. So how do you establish a connection, position yourself as the expert, and build trust in just a few short moments? Meet Alexa Fisher: an actress and public speaking + communication genius! Alexa, who graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Speech and an M.F.A. from The Yale School of Drama, has spent years turning normal civilians into highly regarded public speakers, and wallflowers into power-brokers. During this informative session, she will teach you and your staff the tools you need to properly identify and respond to anyone, from mirroring the communication style of your client and effectively communicating your mission, to distinguishing yourself from competitors, handling awkward conversations, diffusing anger, and setting appropriate expectations…instantly. This session will have a significant impact on your business – don’t miss it!


When Things Don’t Go As Planned:
How to Handle the “Uh Oh” Moments

Barbara Kline, owner of White House Nannies
Barbara Kline, owner of White House Nannies

You know what we’re talking about – the dreaded “uh oh” moment. That moment when a client calls and you take a long, deep breath before picking up the phone, the day when you find out your client loved every nanny they met…and now you have to tell them…no one loved them. That Monday morning call where a client tells you they want around-the-clock availability and when you try to let them know that well, we probably need to figure out a schedule, a shrill voice on the other end of the line screams “live-ins don’t have hours!!!!”  That day when everyone calling is only looking for the “camp counselor type” or that parent who wants a nanny with an Ivy League education…. for an after-school job. And let us not forget the moment when your nanny messed up…or you did…and now you have to fix it. We all face these daily realities in our business – it’s how you respond, handle, and bounce back that counts. In this informative (and hilarious) session listen to Barbara Kline, owner of White House Nannies, as she recounts some of her own “Oh-Uh” moments, how she handles them, and what she’s learned along the way during her storied 25+ year career as an agency owner in Washington DC.

Adding the Disney Magic to Your Agency

Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer, a Guest Experience Coordinator for Disney

In a constantly changing and highly competitive business climate, simply satisfying your customers is no longer enough. Being able to create a once-in-a-lifetime, white-glove approach to your customer’s experience is pivotal in building a timeless brand and making sure that you stay on top of your market. Whether it’s purchasing a new iPhone at Apple for facetime for windows, heading to Ben & Jerry’s for a scoop of ice cream, ordering office supplies on Amazon, or shopping for your family at Costco, we have all become loyal to a handful of specific brands because they go that extra mile to keep us coming back for more.
This action packed session will feature Jason Palmer, a Guest Experience Coordinator for Disney, who will discuss how Disney has cultivated one of the most highly regarded customer service approaches in the world since opening its doors in 1955. From “Disney Leader Basics” to fulfilling even the most unusual requests of its patrons, Disney has set their customer service bar to an ultimate high, thanks to their keen eye for detail, ‘anything is possible’ attitude, and exceptionally well-trained staff. Jason will walk you through the basics of the Disney service model, the importance of creating brand loyalty, and how you can implement these tools into your agency’s daily customer service interactions!

Successfully Transitioning
Out of the Day-to-Day

Panel Discussion Featuring Ginger Swift, Kathy Dupuy, and Sharon Graff Radell

Do you fantasize about making that elusive transition from running the day-to-day operations of the agency to becoming a “managing” owner?   During this panel discussion you will learn from three very successful agency owners who have done just that – allowing them time to retire, travel, start other businesses, and spend more quality time with their families while maintaining and growing thriving agencies. Learn how to inspire a team when you’re not physically there, stay involved in business decisions while not micromanaging, “let go” and put your controlling tendencies aside, and know when you need to step back in if issues arise. This panel is sure to inspire you to dream about the “what if”- I guess the only question is…what will you do next? European vacation anyone?

Sharon Graff Radell
Sharon Graff Radell is the founder of TLC For Kids, Inc.

Sharon Graff Radell is the founder of TLC For Kids, Inc. TLC in St. Louis was one of the first nanny and childcare agencies in the United States and introduced one of the first emergency and back-up care systems in the US. Today, TLC brings high quality service to St. Louis and Miami families and serves as a national model. Ms. Graff-Radell has been involved in the nanny industry since 1985 and has helped agencies in markets across the country better understand and serve their clientele through numerous workshops and private consultations. She also served on the board of directors for the International Nanny Association for 16 years working to establish professional industry standards for agencies and nannies.

Kathy Dupuy Austin entrepreneur
Kathy Dupuy Austin entrepreneur

Kathy Dupuy is an Austin entrepreneur, successfully juggling a household staffing business, an assisted living home and a dance studio. Kathy’s journey began when she founded Mom’s Best Friend, a nanny and babysitter placement service, in 1994. She guided the company’s expansion by setting up offices in Houston and San Antonio, and franchising to Dallas/Ft. Worth and Vail/Aspen, Colorado. She also added full service household staffing and senior care services to the offerings at MBF. Kathy is an active board member of the national Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, as well as the Advisory Board for the Preferred Provider Program at Bright Horizons and the Breedlove board. In 2009, Kathy opened The Collinfield House, a residential care home for seniors. This 7-bed home provides 24-hour care in a warm, home setting. She also currently has a large assisted living community in development. Her newest business is Balance Dance Studios, a family-friendly, amenity-rich dance studio which recently opened (summer 2012). Kathy partnered with a professional dancer/instructor to launch this studio, combining her passion for dance with her business savvy. Kathy received her Bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied political science, communications and theater. Kathy studied European political science at The University of London through Vanderbilt as well. In addition to running her businesses, Kathy is simultaneously raising a family of four children with her husband, Stuart.

Ginger Swift
Ginger Swift of ABC Nannies Inc.

Ginger Swift started ABC Nannies Inc. in 1994 after working in the business world in sales, marketing and recruitment. She was a Summer and part-time nanny through college where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has worked in the clerical placement industry and was hired by one of her clients to work directly for them. She successfully staffed an entire sales and technical division of a computer company and headed up their sales and marketing for their consulting division. Ginger started ABC Nannies Inc. because she wanted to make a difference and nothing is more important than finding a caring person to take care of your children. Ginger has employed wonderful nannies (found through ABC Nannies of course!) that provided excellent care for her two children. She is currently working from her home office assisting with the billing and marketing of ABC Nannies and works closely with her staff. She is also kept busy as the President of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA).


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