APNA Business Building Webinars will return in January 2020
APNA Business Building Webinars will return in January 2020


The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) is a professional membership organization for serious business owners who want to learn dynamic ways to grow their business, establish and implement Best Practices, and are thought leaders in the household staffing industry.

Joining APNA and its board has made a huge difference in my life because of the people who belong to this organization. Great people from all over the country who do what I do. We are not a huge group. Our getting together provides us with a fabulous opportunity to learn from our peers and to discuss our shared issues. While we are from all different age groups and backgrounds we have the somewhat unique common ground of owning childcare agencies.

It’s crucial for our clients to know how hard we work to develop our expertise and make our industry professional. There are people who do run fly by night operations, and then there are the people who have opted to join APNA. You can’t just pay your dues and belong. There is a process for membership. You have to be willing to have all your paperwork/website scrutinized. No asking inappropriate/illegal questions no matter how much you might want to know the answers. All your contracts and forms are going to be reviewed. You have to conduct yourself ethically and uphold professional standards as set out by the association. When you are accepted to join this organization, you make a commitment to excellence.

So belonging to APNA has enriched my life, gotten me away from desk for a few days, and has provided me with wonderful resources to help me in my professional life. Personally, I now have some terrific friends whom I would have never met. I get to hang out with them at conference–usually in nice places– and I get to learn from them all year long.”

Barbara Kline
White House Nannies, Inc.

Why choose APNA?

Because when you are one of the best agencies in the country, everyone should know it.

The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies is a professional membership organization for serious business owners who establish and enforce standards of professional industry practices. Upon approval of the APNA Board of Directors, we invite you to become part of a dynamic national association dedicated to maintaining ethical business practices, supporting quality childcare, exchanging useful business information, and promoting agency efforts on a national scale.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations engaged in the referral and/or placement of in-home child care providers.

Membership is determined by the Board of Directors, and includes verification of the agency’s operating practices, review of membership application and the applicant’s agreement to abide by the APNA Code of Ethics and the Standards of Ethical Practices. *

Provide employment application and client application if applicable.

Types of Membership

Full Membership
Available to agencies that have been in business for a minimum of three years and affords the right to vote on APNA matters and use of the APNA logo.

Sponsor Memberships

Benefits of Membership

  • APNA Quality Seal
  • Leadership and representation on agency issues
  • Practical business information and agency idea exchanges
  • Internet Resources, exclusively for member agencies
  • Free Web Site Link on the APNA Web Site
  • Business Conferences
  • Membership directory, Networking Resources, Press Updates and Industry News
  • Group Purchasing Power
  • Discounts Available only to APNA Members

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Membership Fees

Application Fee* $250
Annual Dues, Main Office $325
Annual Dues, Additional Office $75
Sponsor Member Fees $500
APNA accepts payment via check or MC/VISA
* Nonrefundable

*Applications for APNA membership are subject to acceptance by APNA’s Board of Directors. APNA reserves the right, in its sole, exclusive and absolute discretion, to deny membership to any applicant.

The only business entities that have permission to display the APNA logo have completed an in-depth application and investigation process and been approved for membership by the Board of Directors. Unauthorized use of the APNA logo will effect future consideration for membership and may result in legal action.