APNA Business Building Webinars will return in January 2020
APNA Business Building Webinars will return in January 2020

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Why use an APNA agency?

Because when you want an honest, thorough, ethical business partner to help you with the most sensitive of decisions, you want an APNA agency. 

Finding a nanny is hard work. It is both time consuming and emotional. Hiring a nanny may bring up parent fears and insecurities as they search for a person who is going to care for their child during most of his or her waking hours. This is a daunting task. Nanny agencies are in every community, ready to help parents take on this important task. Their experience and expertise helps parents understand all aspects of hiring a new “household employee.”

But like all professions, there are excellent agencies and those who are not as thorough. There are no federal guidelines for nanny agencies, so quality varies. How do you know your nanny agency is going to be a comfort and support and not the source of even more anxiety? APNA is a voluntary membership organization that establishes and enforces standards of professional industry practices. Agencies that put their contracts, forms, applications, and policies up for scrutiny by other agencies are a cut above. They are the best of the best. APNA agencies are accountable not only to families, but to their own trade organization, as well. In your search for the perfect nanny, make sure you are working with an APNA agency.

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Membership Fees

Application Fee* $250
Annual Dues, Main Office $325
Annual Dues, Additional Office $75
Sponsor Member Fees $500
APNA accepts payment via check or MC/VISA
* Nonrefundable

*Applications for APNA membership are subject to acceptance by APNA’s Board of Directors. APNA reserves the right, in its sole, exclusive and absolute discretion, to deny membership to any applicant.

The only business entities that have permission to display the APNA logo have completed an in-depth application and investigation process and been approved for membership by the Board of Directors. Unauthorized use of the APNA logo will effect future consideration for membership and may result in legal action.