August Webinar: Strategy, Execution, and The Art of Saying No
August Webinar: Strategy, Execution, and The Art of Saying No

For Nannies

Why work with an APNA agency?

Because when parents want the very best, they will look for an APNA agency nanny!

When you look for a childcare position, it is important that the agency you work with is thorough and ethical. Only then do you know that their status as an APNA agency is well deserved. You want parents to know that you were able to pass through such a complete screening process – it will enhance your status and professionalism. Going though an APNA agency will save you time. APNA agencies screen families and understand their individual needs and concerns. They will not have you interview with families who they know are not willing or able to pay your desired salary, whose schedule is not in concert with yours, whose children are ages that you really do not want to work with. Agencies make it easy for nannies. You tell them what you want and they find you a qualified client. The match may take a while, but usually the matches are more solid and last longer if the agency has followed the standards of professional practice and code of ethics, with the family and with you. So call an APNA agency in your community . If you are the best, then be represented by the best.

Membership Fees

Application Fee* $250
Annual Dues, Main Office $325
Annual Dues, Additional Office $75
Sponsor Member Fees $500
APNA accepts payment via check or MC/VISA
* Nonrefundable

*Applications for APNA membership are subject to acceptance by APNA’s Board of Directors. APNA reserves the right, in its sole, exclusive and absolute discretion, to deny membership to any applicant.

The only business entities that have permission to display the APNA logo have completed an in-depth application and investigation process and been approved for membership by the Board of Directors. Unauthorized use of the APNA logo will effect future consideration for membership and may result in legal action.