SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference

Be Represented, Not Just Registered

Be Represented, Not Just Registered 

For over 30 years Town + Country has prided ourselves on our relationships with both candidates and clients.  We recognize that now, more than ever, there are multiple resources that a candidate can use to find their next job.  Online listing services are especially popular because of their ease of use and the large number of potential employers searching for employees on the sight.  While listing services may be convenient, there is much that they cannot offer that a full-service Placement Agency can provide to a candidate who is determined to find the right long term position.   Working with a Placement Agency will take more time up front, but it is our experience that the investment of time in your job search will be well worth it in the long run. 

In the article, Why a Recruiter is necessary in Your Job Search, they share valuable lessons and insights for candidates seeking corporate positions. The article highlights six reasons working with a recruiter that puts you ahead of others in the job search process. These same corporate insights, directly translate to the in-home environment a Nanny is searching in. 

  1. Direct contact with the family who is hiring
    Placement Counselors and Recruiting Counselors build relationships with both candidates and clients to ensure that before an interview is set-up, only the best possible matches are introduced.
  2. Counselors know the expectations and qualifications of the job description
    Because of the intimate conversations and relationships with the hiring families, counselors introduce you to families whose expectations, qualifications and personality traits you fit. You’re already ahead of the candidate next to you who is not using an APNA Premier Nanny Agency Member. You’re represented not just registered.
  3. Provide career and on the job advice
    Counselors know the ins and outs of the job you do. From the minute you begin your job search to the end of your job search and throughout your career, counselors provide you with valuable feedback from lessons learned.
  4. Up-front honesty
    The goal is the same as yours and the same as the clients. A long-term perfect fit is best for all parties involved in the job search process. Counselors should never direct you toward a job that is better suited for someone else no matter how long it takes to find the right match.
  5. Interview preparation
    Counselors realize each interview is different and each job you seek has its own special needs and circumstances. With that, counselors coach you on the proper tools for each of your interviews.
  6. Resume assistance
    Whether you’ve never had a resume before or require updating from your last position, counselors can assist nannies in creating a resume that highlights your career and make you stand out with families.  A resume should provide all the necessary information required by the families you’re interviewing with. 

We hope you keep one thing in mind while working with an agency. Agencies are not headhunters or even recruiters, so to speak. Think of us as career matchmakers or better yet, just as our titles state, Counselors. They represent the best candidates and match them with families that value and trust them in their homes.

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