SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
2024 APNA Virtual Summit

Speakers & Schedule

Ginger Swift

ABC Nannies

Welcome to “Conversations that Convert: Mastering the Art of the Sales Call” – an immersive workshop that unravels the secrets behind turning ordinary conversations into powerful catalysts for conversion. In this dynamic panel discussion, we bring together three leading placement agency owners to explore the intricacies of sales calls and unveil the strategies that transform dialogue into a driver of success. 

From the initial “hello” to the closing pitch, this workshop will delve into the psychology of effective communication, shedding light on the artistry involved in every successful sales call. Learn how to navigate objections seamlessly, build rapport effortlessly, and tailor your message for maximum impact. Our panelists will dissect real-life examples, sharing triumphs and challenges, offering you a rich tapestry of actionable insights.


Ginger is the founder and CEO of ABC Nannies Inc.® in Denver, Colorado. After graduating from college with a psychology degree, she worked for many years in the clerical placement industry and then as a recruiter for a hi-tech software company. Ginger started ABC Nannies Inc.® because she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and nothing is more important than finding a caring person to take care of your children. Ginger has employed wonderful nannies that provided excellent care for her two children. ABC Nannies, Inc. was the recipient of the 2001 APNA Agency of the Year Award and the 2015 APNA Honors Excellence Award.


Kellie Geres, APNA Executive Assistant