SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference

NANNY JOBS PRO (Agency Management Software)

NANNY JOBS PRO   (Agency Management Software)
As a follow up to last month’s newsletter article regarding what agencies want in their management software, GTM would like to share some information on NannyJobs PRO™ (NJP) software. In use for over 10 years, GTM has invested countless hours and resources to perfect this software developed specifically for nanny agencies.


Ease of Use

This copyrighted software is easy to learn, easy to use, and requires minimal steps to master. Agencies maintain ownership of their data, and the software features multiple layers of data protection and security. Each agency staff member has their own login and password, and these can be set at different access levels based on permissions within the agency.

The ease of use this software provides is unmatched. With the click of a button, an agent can upload unlimited job postings to their website and to at no charge.  Once jobs are posted, candidates have the option to either email the agency or complete the customized agency application.


Agencies are looking for fast, efficient ways to manage all of their account activity. NJP creates “events” which are tracked and date/time stamped in the family and candidate profiles.  The “Notes” functionality allows agents to document conversations and activity surrounding a client, work order, or candidate.  Plus, all email communications are stored in the “events” log for each candidate and client.


Accurate and easily accessible reporting is very important in an agency software platform. NJP provides detailed agency management (sales, marketing, candidates, work orders etc.) reports relating to candidates, families, long term, short term & corporate work orders, and administrative functions (revenue, placements, agent activity, etc.). They are also sub-categorized within each report to give the agent the exact information they need.  Reports can be downloaded to Word, Excel, or PDF. The “Upload Documents” section allows agents to upload signed contracts, house rules, letters of recommendation, copies of CPR/First Aid Certificates, resumes, and more to family or candidate profiles. NJP also provides helpful and updated informational materials on laws and regulations for household employment specific to the state where their families live.

On-Call Job Management

NJP offers on-call temporary job management functionality for private families, hotels, and corporate back-up.  On-call availability calendars, automated matching, email, and text alerts for open jobs all add to the efficiency of placing temporary nannies.  The software provides unlimited texting, alerting candidates of on-call and long term jobs available with the agency.

Integrated With Other Popular Programs

With regard to finances, NJP is fully integrated with QuickBooks and your credit card merchant, making the billing process seamless and fast.  NJP imports payments from into QuickBooks and associates the payments with corresponding invoices so that agencies do not have to do it manually. NJP is fully integrated with Constant Contact, so as client and candidate profiles are created, the agency’s distribution list grows and the agency can easily market.

Benefits for Candidates and Families

But the software is not just enjoyed by agencies – candidates and families will also find it extremely helpful easy to use, which makes it a recruiting tool for candidates, as well as a selling and retention tool for families. Through links on an agency’s website, families or an agency can create their family profile and submit job requirements, and candidates can complete the online application any time, anywhere.  Existing families and candidates can also login to make changes or update their information at any time. Candidates have the ability to view upcoming and past temporary jobs, as well as the long-term jobs that have been sent to a family for review.  Families can view the names of the candidates that have been assigned to their past, current, and future jobs.  Families also have the ability to view and print past invoices, and both families and candidates have the ability to upload personalized documents.

Support, Security and Backups

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere, NJP provides the security and on-going backup of the software and data.  Supported by a full-time, knowledgeable team, support is just a phone call away.  NJP also hosts annual user meetings to collect feedback and set priority to user wants and needs. As a result NJP has a proven track record of being very responsive to user input and consistently updating and introducing new functionality.

Maccompatible, NJP is affordable for all agency sizes and budgets, with 3 different pricing tiers starting at $95 per month, so the agency only pays for what they need.  Plus a very generous referral program could make the system virtually free to use! Please contact GTM for more information or to schedule a NJP demonstration.

888.432.7972, x7224

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