SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference

They Run Fortune 500 Companies, But We Wouldn’t Let Them Be Nannies

Nannies are routinely put through a more rigorous job screening than America’s CEOs.
Honesty, we require it of our nannies, why shouldn’t we expect it from corporate America? Scott Thompson ‒ the Yahoo CEO who quit after being “outed” for lying on his resume, and the many other corporate leaders caught doing the same‒ would have been denied representation by Stanford Park Nannies very early in our vetting process due to the fact that they claimed to have a college degree they did not earn. Lie about anything on your resume and Stanford Park Nannies won’t work with you. Our integrity is at stake and we take that seriously.

We recently had a nanny candidate bring us a diploma for a childcare-related bachelor’s degree. She was one of the most perfect applicants we’d ever met, but as we worked on her background check, some things weren’t adding up. We took a closer look at her degree and it was signed by Jerry Brown; however, Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been governor when the diploma was supposedly granted! At a recent job she held at a staffing service for nurses, she told people she had a master’s degree, and she is now busy seeking employment as a nanny with her listing posted on a popular online site.

The household staffing industry was in its adolescence when it decided industry standards are important. The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies –A Household Staffing Alliance (APNA) was formed in 1993 and holds members accountable to a long list of operational procedures. Thorough screening, honesty and transparency are among the requirements that you can read more about here:

Some resume claims fall into gray areas, but it’s easy to verify college degrees. We do it routinely when checking resumes. It may be time for corporate America and executive search firms to take some notes from nanny agencies that voluntarily live up to our industry’s accepted ethics and standards of practice! Those same CEOs who have lied on their resumes, would be outraged if we sent them a nanny candidate who had lied on his or her resume.

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