2023 APNA Virtual Conference

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Erika Slade

Erika Slade


Bringing Talent Back to the Workplace

Given the past 24 life-altering months we have experienced as a country, Erika Slade argues that our capacity to dismantle one another is only matched by our capacity to restore and heal one another. During her moving session, Erika will discuss how to communicate from an open, authentic, and transparent place, you know, asking deep questions like—“who are you….really?”—yeah, she’s going there. Asking these questions will cultivate a culture of transparency that is guaranteed to secure returning customers and clients. Why? Because people return because of people. We have all ordered something online, tried to return it, and the customer service rep is telling you they do not accept returns and is being incredibly unaccommodating, coupled with a rude tone. Are we ordered from there again?  *come on, everyone say it with me* NO! If you are struggling to keep clients coming back, it might be time to ask yourself why—and also attend this session that is perfectly tailored to you. Erika will dive deep into the client experience and how it all comes back to your employees! What type of experience are your employees providing? More often than not, the employee experience is more closely tied to the client experience than we would like to believe. An employee who experiences a communicative, secure and professionally nurturing environment is more likely to replicate that experience for your clients. Join Erika as she teaches you how to build layered, transparent, and emotionally intelligent conversations within your company to anchor employees to individual purpose and shared values of your organization. It is a session you truly will not want to miss!


Erika Slade is an industry innovator with over 20 years of combined experience. She is the owner of E-Nanny, a local nanny agency and childcare concierge service based out of Oklahoma. She is passionate about educating nannies, supporting families, and raising the status quo. She is the proud mother of 3 children and has been married for over 14 years. Erika is known for helping both families and nannies find their voice, own their path, and excel in their given industry.


Kellie Geres, APNA Executive Assistant