2023 APNA Annual Conference
2023 APNA Annual Conference


  Why become an APNA Member? I’m a founding member of the International Nanny Association. I was in Claremont, California when Deborah Davis passed around a hat (literally) and said, “For everyone who puts in a check of $65 to cover the expenses of this conference, you will become a founding member of INA”. Back...
Temporary and seasonal placements have become a great way for agencies to increase revenue and build relationships with young parents. Whether it’s summertime help or a business trip for Mom or Dad, things come up throughout the year that require families to pursue short-term in-home care. And like everything else in the household employment world,...
In recent months, PFC has seen an uptick in requests from parents seeking drug tests on their nanny candidates. Drug-testing is another facet of a pre-employment background check that can give parents of young children, children of elderly parents, or anyone seeking to hire someone for a position in their home some peace of mind...
Be Represented, Not Just Registered  For over 30 years Town + Country has prided ourselves on our relationships with both candidates and clients.  We recognize that now, more than ever, there are multiple resources that a candidate can use to find their next job.  Online listing services are especially popular because of their ease of...
Traveling With Your Nanny: How to Compensate Your Nanny on a Family Vacation Traveling with small children can be a challenge for any parent, whether it’s trying to keep the kids from getting restless and bored during a long car ride, struggling to maintain control and safety in busy airports, or being able to enjoy some...
APNA Honors Celebrates A Nanny for U: 2014 Community Service Honoree A Nanny for U, one of Washington’s largest and most reputable placement agencies, is deeply rooted in their community. They are an agency that believes in building relationships and giving back to others. As a staff, they are constantly seeking ways to get more involved in...
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