June Webinar: June How to Prepare, Value and Sell Your Agency
June Webinar: June How to Prepare, Value and Sell Your Agency

How to Achieve Growth and Balance for Your Agency in 2019

The new year is in full swing and you have established goals for your placement agency for 2019. Now comes the juggling act of working to achieve growth while staying motivated and balanced at the same time. Here, we offer you some helpful tips on how to manage everything so you can achieve success without stress. 

Tip #1: Manage growth effectively.
Are you getting requests for services that you don’t normally provide such as household management, elder care, or newborn care? Requests like these shouldn’t be a stress, but instead, they should be an indicator that you might be ready to expand your service offerings. Look closely at how you might be able to incorporate new services into your business and connect with other agencies that are doing something similar, asking them how they got started and what resources they used. Evaluate what things are working and what you may need help with and consider outsourcing if needed. Finding someone that can help you with the things that you don’t have time for can help give you the time you need to help with your growing business.

#2: Keep the work/life balance at the forefront.
Managing a business will keep you and your team busy, so it’s important to keep rest and relaxation a priority for you and your staff. Plan regular retreats, outings, and staff lunches for everyone during the year and reward yourselves for a job well done. While you’re there, plan time for team building and business brainstorming. This is an important way to build comradery among each other and allow for business creativity and ideas to flow.

#3: Keep the motivation going.
Well-motivated business leaders and team members are part of the recipe of success. Look closely at what has been successful in the last year and what hasn’t. For example, look closely Google Analytics to get an idea on how your online presence has performed. In addition, find new ways to advance your business – things that may challenge you to grow or think outside the box.

Following these three tips can give you the tools you need to have a successful and well-balanced year that is full of purpose.

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