SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
Now more than ever before, having a great nanny database is a HUGE advantage for your business. Building a loyal following can be tough and takes time, which is one thing you never have enough of. But there are a few ways you can consistently demonstrate to the local nanny community that you support them as professionals and look forward to working with them anytime. It is also a boon to your marketing efforts with families that you value the placement and are actively contributing to the success of nannies you place. 
1 – Build a community of caregivers.
Having active nannies who get to know you and each other and participate in activities is so helpful for everyone. Nannies are isolated much of the working day. They seek out methods of connection. Hosting a place where they can connect will not only let them build relationships with other caregivers, but also let you or your office staff get to know them. It will make it easier to find a placement for any nanny you get to know personally. You can offer in person meet ups, zoom rooms, other events or even private message boards or groups. Start conversations by asking questions and letting everyone discuss. Offer resources and share your wisdom. Let them know about the INA or the USNA or other groups where they can continue to network.
2 – Support their continuing education.
Professionals need to gather together in order to study new skills, discuss current trends, and learn from each other. Nannies and other childcare professionals need this time as well. The INA provides free webinarschapter meetings, and other networking opportunities for the entire industry. Agencies that promote these and other events to their nannies not only provide a valuable service to their candidates, but also see a rise in engagement within their own social media marketing. In this day and age where candidates are in demand, this could mean more qualified candidates for your jobs. You can also offer casual training opportunities through your business. Why not connect with another INA professional and organize a zoom class for your nannies? You also could really put your money where your heart is by offering INA membership giveaways or conference scholarships.
3 – Instruct families and nannies to create a written agreement before the job starts.
As the person advising a family through the difficult process of hiring a nanny, you have the power to truly advise a family the best way to start the relationship, with a clear and meaningful contract before the job starts. Help your families craft a complete job description and encourage them to provide this along with all the terms of employment in the form of a contract or work agreement to the nanny right from the start. Use the INA free FAQ sheets to support your nannies including our Nanny Family Handbook and INA Recommended Practices for Nanny Employers.
4 – Advocate for fair wages and benefits for all your nannies.
Share with parents resources on why a nanny is considered a w-4 employee instead of an independent contractor. Share this publication on Nanny Payroll and Taxes that explain the difference. Point them in the direction of one of the INA member tax companies as a way to make payroll easier. Share with them the benefits of paying nannies on the books and the dangers of illegal pay. We certainly have some recent examples of the pitfalls of that as we just went through the sudden onset of COVID. Nannies will cheer for agencies that advocate for them. Be sure to include this information with all your families and clearly state it on your website and other materials.
5 – Recognize outstanding nannies.
Everyone likes to be recognized! Nannies are hard working and deserve our praise. And we can all agree there are some exceptional nannies out there. Consider having a nanny of the month that you highlight on social media. You can also nominate great nannies for the INA Nanny of the Year award each year. You can buy INA memberships in bulk and it makes a nice way to thank a nanny for being so amazing. Share with nannies when you get great feedback about their work. We all need to hear praise once in a while!

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