SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
September is a time of grateful reflection for me, personally. We’re through the craziness of the back-to-school months and nearing the end of another year. This year, more than ever, I’m focused on making the most of the opportunities the year has presented and to be grateful for the life I’m living. I’m holding on tight to those extraordinary moments that make me feel like I’m rocking life (and mentally high five myself) and trying my darndest to let the others roll right on by. And Q4 is filled with so many things I am thankful for: crisp fall mornings and cool nights, holidays at home with my family, and of course, the APNA Conference!
While I’m so excited to see 180+ of my closest friends, I’m focused on making these next few weeks count. September is a busy month for us at APNA, and at ABC – this year is no different. While we’re all working at capacity, I’d urge you to take a moment to express your gratitude to the individuals who care for you, encourage you, and support you and your business. Shout out to the inspiring humans on the APNA Board of Directors and our team at ABC Nannies (they’re the B-E-S-T, honestly) – I love each and every one of you for who you are, just as you are. Thank you for enriching my life. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the fact this week is also International Nanny Recognition Week (September 18-24, 2022). Nannies, NCS’s and childcare providers make the world a better place and without them our businesses would come to a screeching halt; to say they are valuable is an understatement. This week let’s show our immense gratitude and shine a light on people who change lives and make our businesses possible.
And, with that, I’m off for now to do the good work. Countdown to APNA: 27 days. Until then, I hope your days are filled with people, moments, and work that enriches you and makes you feel grateful.
Jami Dennis
APNA President

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