Join Us October 19-22 in San Diego - 2022 APNA Annual Conference
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Join Us October 19-22 in San Diego - 2022 APNA Annual Conference
SOLD OUT! Join our Waitlist


Now more than ever before, having a great nanny database is a HUGE advantage for your business. Building a loyal following can be tough and takes time, which is one thing you never have enough of. But there are a few ways you can consistently demonstrate to the local nanny community that you support them...
Last month I declared “Joy” as my personal word this year. I’m seeing joy in many places, including during a recent trip to the Rancho Bernardo, in sunny San Diego, where the APNA Board met for its mid-year meeting. After spending focused time digging deep into big thoughts and big ideas for our association and...
During the latest podcast from The Small Business Radio Show, the host, Barry Moltz, interviewed Boston-based consultant Roberta Matuson, a workplace strategist. She talks about businesses needing to become concierge recruiters to attract the best talent, “you have to be the one to shepherd this talent into your organization”.  In this 20-minute interview, Ms. Matuson explores...
This is a question that nanny agencies ask me a lot. [Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and Imperative/PFC isn’t a law firm. This is just my practical advice based on 25 years’ experience in the background screening business. If your lawyer disagrees with me, you can always go find another lawyer. ] The TL;DR Version  I...
It’s truly an honor for our team to be part of the APNA community, we have had the unique pleasure and privilege to provide our software platform to more than 100 of you and your agencies, and we have learned so much from each and every one of you as our incredible friends, mentors and...
We know your top priority as an agency is to place high quality candidates with families in need of care. Your team goes through a thorough screening process and diligently evaluates the best fit based on candidate experience, skills, role requirements, ages of children, parent preferences, etc. Undoubtedly, each family is looking for a caregiver...
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