Join Us September 20-23, 2023, St. Pete Beach, FL
Details Coming Soon!
Join Us September 20-23, 2023, St. Pete Beach, FL
Details Coming Soon!


Summer is here and it is a time when many of us travel with friends and family. When you go on vacation, do you find yourself still working and having difficulty truly unplugging during that time away? When owning a small business, it can feel incredibly difficult to truly take time off. You might not...
APNA is committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse community of household staffing business owners. While our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to support all small business owners within our industry and provide access to the tools required to achieve longevity and profitability, we must acknowledge one important fact: it...
I’ll be honest, I do not like the sound of this one bit.  Mostly because I have never really considered myself to be a patient person. I grew up in the era when given the choice to get up off the floor or couch, walk to the T.V. set, evaluate my options by turning the channel,...
Hello and happy (almost) summer, friends. It’s been a crazy few weeks for APNA and I’m eager to share with you everything that’s been going on. Let’s jump right into it and talk about the 2022 APNA Conference in San Diego. We are thrilled to welcome a full house at our 29th annual conference in...
Investing in education has always been wise advice. That idea also applies to agencies and the nannies they represent. It’s also a win for clients as their families are the beneficiaries of the knowledge nannies gain from added lectures, certifications, and coursework related to children.  The agencies that set themselves apart are those that provide...
Wow, these last few months have flown by! I can’t believe it’s almost May… Several times in the last few weeks I’ve been so busy I’ve literally forgotten what month it is (#truth). But unlike previous years, where I might have felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my ever-growing task list, this year I feel nothing...
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