SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
SAVE THE DATE: OCTOBER 23-25 | APNA Annual Conference
2022 APNA Conference

Speakers & Schedule

Bob King, Esq.

Legally Nanny

10 Must Haves into Your Client Contracts + Secret Clauses

Everything begins and ends with your agency contract. And when you need it most is when things don’t go as planned and you are faced with clients asking for refunds, poking holes in your background check, refusing to pay, or worse – threatening litigation! There’s no one in our industry who has heard more horror stories than veteran industry attorney, Bob King. He has written contracts for the biggest agencies in the industry and has insider knowledge on what can go wrong – because he’s seen it all! In this can’t miss session you’ll hear the top ten critical elements in any good client contract, clauses top agencies are using that you might not be aware of, and how to respond when client’s question (and want to change!) your agency agreement. Bring your notepad – his advice is worth $$$ and you don’t want to miss it!


Bob King is an attorney and the Founder of Legally Nanny, the leading law firm representing nanny agencies, home care agencies and household employers. Bob is a member and former Board member of the International Nanny Association, and a current APNA member who served as APNA’s former General Counsel. He specializes in representing nanny agencies nationwide in a wide variety of employment and business law matters. With almost two decades of working with nanny agencies, Bob understands the legal, financial and operational issues of the household employment industry


Kellie Geres, APNA Executive Assistant

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