2022 APNA Conference

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Michelle Kelsey

Michelle Kelsey

Nannies On Call

Creating Recurring Revenue Through Temp Memberships

Covid gave most of us a run for our money. If businesses didn’t shut down completely, they were forced to pivot, reinvent, and rejuvenate—and that is precisely what Michelle Kelsey did for Nannies of Call, her pay-as-you-go, on-call babysitting service that had been unshaken since 2001. That is, until covid, of course. When the world shut down in March 2020, Michelle knew she was going to have to make a significant change in order to stay afloat (who can relate?!). With some innovation and boldness from Michelle, Nannies on Call has now come back stronger than ever! What’s her secret, you ask? An on-call membership platform! How did she do it, you ask? Come sit in on Michelle’s session to find out! Her inspiring session will leave you with a freshness that is sure to spark creativity in your own business! Michelle will share her personal experience  shifting her business model to a SaaS (Software as a Service) and how you too can have a business that is less time consuming and labor intensive, which brings in higher revenue—and who doesn’t want that? If you feel at a plateau in your business, a desire to increase your revenue, or just need an inspirational pick-me-up, this is the session for you!


Michelle founded Nannies on Call back in 2001, when her daughters were just two and four years old. As a working mother, she was struggling to find reliable, high-end childcare for her own two children and immediately saw a business opportunity. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s of History and was originally planning on being a teacher, but coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she also knew that starting her own business someday was inevitable. Twenty years later, Nannies on Call has grown to include The Nanny Solution, a personalized solution to childcare, and continues to ensure parents have access to safe, flexible, and quality childcare. Michelle lives in Vancouver, BC and loves spending as much time outdoors as possible! She enjoys hiking, camping, and walking in the woods for hours, which is where she gets all of her new business ideas.


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