May Webinar: Managing Mental Health by Letting Go!
May Webinar: Managing Mental Health by Letting Go!
2023 APNA Conference

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Deb Purvin

Business Owner’s MBA

7 Steps to Simplify your Financials and Improve your Profitability

Financial statements are designed by the accounting industry to help accountants do their jobs by putting all business models on the same platform. They are NOT designed to help business owners make business decisions – just record transactions. No wonder it’s so difficult to understand your financials! 

In this workshop, you will learn to simplify your financials and transform your multi-page QuickBooks income statement into a ten-line P&L. With this new financial statement, you’ll recognize your revenue trends and your unnecessary expenses – you’ll have a better understanding of your numbers and make better decisions – improving your company’s profitability. 

With your Management Financial Statements developed in this workshop, you will know:

  • How to build a simple financial statement from your QuickBooks (or other accounting software) that will help you manage your business.
  • How to use these Management Financial Statements to make better business decisions based on your revenue streams, trends, and financial ratios.
  • How to understand what your financial statements are saying about your company and your management.
  • Which of your customers are the most profitable and which are costing you money and time.
  • Which of your employees are working efficiently, which are headed toward burnout, and when to hire more team members.


Deb Purvin founded Business Owner’s MBA (BOMBA) to share her secrets to scaling a business AND having a life. Deb successfully grew two companies to $100 million, sold them, sailed around the world for 5 years, and now serves as faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program as well as managing BOMBA. 

After a Dartmouth and Harvard education and many years in banking, Deb was shocked to discover how much she didn’t know about running her business… which led to costly mistakes. Looking back, she saw those mistakes could have been easily avoided. There’s just so much a business owner needs to know to be successful!

BOMBA was designed to provide exactly the education Deb wished she’d had before becoming a business owner. The curriculum mirrors a traditional MBA but, with hands-on, immediately actionable tasks, learned through video lessons and worksheets, and discussed in a small peer group. Business owners immediately see quantifiable results. With a focus on financials, she helps business owners get unstuck and successfully scale their companies by increasing revenues, improving profitability, motivating employees, and creating enough free time to actually enjoy their successes!


Kellie Geres, APNA Executive Assistant